Just in time for the World Cup, KICK-O’s is a fast-paced penalty kick game like you’ve never seen. You play as different wacky and lovable characters, using crazy kicking abilities and awesome power-ups to bust past insane obstacles and score against nutty goaltenders! Family-friendly and fun for all ages, this makes for a perfect “pick-up game”. So throw on your jersey and lace-up your cleats, because KICK-O’s is about to storm the field!

KICK-O’s features:

-  Dozens of characters to play. A chicken, a ninja, and a robot are only a few!
-  Unique kicking powers for each character: from destroying obstacles, to slowing down time, to earning extra points on goals.
-  30 levels in colorful locations: classic stadiums, tropical beaches, the pyramids, on top of a lava flow, and many more!
-  Lots of fun soccer “balls” to kick: a rock, a watermelon, sushi, cheese, and even a giant eyeball!
-  Goofy obstacles like animals, snowmen, and man-eating plants that stand in your way!
-  Fast levels for quick pick-up-and-play!
-  Increasing difficulty!
-  And of course… POWER-UPS!